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Explore how easy it can be to protect your intellectual property and maximize its value
Swider Haver LLP is a law firm with a focus on intellectual property, corporate, international, employer-based employment, and estate planning.
We handle complex business transactions, complex commercial litigation, privacy matters and media interaction.

Our clients include businesses, innovators and artists in various communities. These may be individuals, start-ups, publicly-traded companies or governmental units.
A common element clients share is that intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, moral rights and publicity rights) form a substantial portion of the entity value of the transaction, which may be a contract, merger, acquisition or financing.
We have decades of experience with the full life cycle of handling intellectual property assets including entity formation, right formation, acquisition, transfer, estate planning, disputes, licensing and liquidation.

New changes in the laws remind us that business involves more risk than ever. Risk reduction demands experience and a professional team. We help clients easily navigate this process by presenting options tied to a legal budget and rank legal risk on a spectrum from minimal protection to full risk mitigation. We further assist clients and the community through our award-winning pro bono publico work.

This website contains information that should not be construed as legal advice, but is provided for visitors to learn about the firm and topics of the day. Neither the information on this website, nor any inquiring e-mail, text or comment creates an attorney-client relationship, which requires a signed engagement agreement. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

Please refer to our Terms Of Use for more information.

Have you covered all the bases of your business, legally?

Is there an integrated intellectual property process and policy written for your business?

Are copyright filings tasked to a resource internally or externally? Have they been trained? Is that resource doing it correctly?

Swider Haver LLP, can come to the rescue for your business in numerous ways.
Find out how here.

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