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Kohel Haver at Swider Haver LLP

Kohel Haver,
Kohel Haver practices in the areas working with creative people and the arts - including a specialty in copyright and related intellectual property, technology and business law. Kohel has been serving the arts community for all of his professional life – including service on the boards of directors.

Kohel Haver Education
  • J.D., Northwestern Law School at Lewis and Clark College
  • B.S., Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Kohel Haver Art and the Law Workshops
  • “Artist Contracts – Copyright and Licensing,” Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland
  • “Art and Law – Some Pointers - Seminar,” Art Department Portland Community College
  • “Copyright and Contracts and the WWW,” Portland Art Institute, Portland
  • “Commissions, Copyright and Port Cards” Northwest Sculpture Society
  • “Legal Issues for Artists” Lake Oswego Arts Commission
  • “Contract and Consignment Tips for Metal Artists,” Creative Metal Arts Guild, Portland
  • “The Arts and The Law” Beaverton Arts Commission
  • “Copyright and Contracts and the Arts,” Pacific NW College of Arts, Portland
  • “What City Government Should Know about Copyright Law” Government Law Section Oregon State Bar
  • “Art from Copyrights to Gallery Consignment” Portland Society of Artists
Kohel Haver Television
  • Independent Video Production, Copyright and Public Access, Portland Cable Access (2001)
  • Keeping the Dream Alive - What can Video Producers learn about Copyright Law from this situation, Portland Community Media (2005)
Kohel Haver Publications
  • What Personal Historians should know about Copyright and Contracts, National Association of Personal Historians (2005).
  • Copyright, Free Speech and the Zine Artist, IPRC Portland Oregon (2005).
  • Oregon Consignment Law in English, Business of Arts Workshop, 2004
  • Copyright Fair Use and Video Production, Independent Video Producers Guide to Legal Issues, Alliance for Community Media (2001).
  • Copyright and the Arts - Navigating the Minefield (2000)
  • Copyright and Multimedia Development, Oregon State Bar CLE Handbook, (1998)
  • The Notice and Takedown Dance – protecting your stuff on the Web, Northwest Association of Book Publishers, (1999)
Kohel Haver Faculty
  • University of Phoenix, Information Technology Department (1999 – present)
Kohel Haver Community Service
  • Oregon State Bar, Executive Committee - Computer and Internet Law Section
  • Past President, Board of Directors, Portland Community Media - 2000-2005
  • Founding Board Member, President, Northwest Lawyers and Artists, Portland Oregon
  • Memberships - Graphic Artists
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