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Professionals at Swider Haver LLP

Robert Swider,

Robert Swider has been representing clients including plaintiffs and defendants as a trial attorney for more than two decades in civil cases involving intellectual property, copyright law, trademark law, computer law, unfair trade practices, electronic commerce, general business, complex litigation, personal injuries and real estate. He also provides counsel to clients in diverse fields of endeavor whose business affairs involve intellectual property and commercial law. Robert Swider has substantial experience, the representation of technology-related businesses and the representation of plaintiffs in personal injury cases.
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Kohel Haver,
Kohel Haver practices in the areas working with creative people and the arts - including a specialty in copyright and related intellectual property, technology and business law. Kohel Haver has been serving the arts community for all of his professional life – including service on the boards of directors.
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Thomas R. Graves,
Thomas R. Graves practices primarily in the areas of intellectual property, business, estate planning and probate matters. In addition to assisting clients establish new businesses, including the acquisition and protection of trademarks and service marks, Tom also has significant experience with business succession planning and the sale and purchase of businesses, both through stock and asset transfers.

Admissions - Oregon State Bar Association

Education - J.D., U.C. Hastings College of the Law, Managing Editor, Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal, B.A., Oberlin College, B.Mus., Oberlin Conservatory.

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Swider Haver LLP, can come to the rescue for your business in numerous ways.
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